Mullet Mad Rhymes Will Make You Lose Your Mind

July 22nd, 2011

Isn’t it peculiar the way style changes over the generations? Since the 80′s there has been more than 30 years worth of pop culture and music constantly revamping and evolving into something more updated and hip with the times. Most of us aren’t in to the same fashions or attitudes that we once were, but when we look back and see ourselves and our friends as we were we can’t help but smirk at the outstanding statements which we were so willing to make authentic models of ourselves. Get more information here.And then, flipping on an old record (which some of us still do hold dear) we can sink right back down into our old songs and totally let go, saying, “yes! This is totally what my generation was all about.” The hair, the metal, the leather, and the attitude that was so adamant about the style; each backed the other up. And the concerts, local and national, that made the heart pump with rhythm and our adrenaline rush run our bodies until we were drunk with our own youth.
So don’t hesitate! Find your favorite old-time album and don’t hold back the thrashing until you feel that maddening sensation of growing generations!

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